Oi! We Are Out of Stealth

Oi!  We Are Out of Stealth

Welcome to the CtrlStack Engineering Blog!

We've been working non-stop for the last two and half years to introduce a product that will change the world of DevOps.

Now that we've left the 'stealth mode' phase of the startup journey, we've decided to let the company's engineers have a medium to share their thoughts, learnings, and opinions with an ever-growing audience of people (i.e., you!)

For those unfamiliar with CtrlStack, we're a well-funded startup staffed with deeply experienced engineers working to change how the DevOps world gets their jobs done.

Public Announcements

We have had some recent public announcements related to our current public statements:

Sequoia Capital - Partnering with CtrlStack

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Jamie Larson